I'm going to freeze your face
Stacy Shreffler Selections

Black Friday
Black Friday
(NY: Lion, 1954)
(Hart on Freida):

"He told himself, Don't underestimate the brains of this girl; that head of hers is no empty tool box.".

Night Squad

Night Squad
(Greenwich, Conn: Gold Medal/Fawcett, 1961; London: Fawcett, 1962)
"You know what's gonna happen to you? One of these days you're gonna get all mashed up. They'll hafta scrape it up and put it in a sack."

Of Tender Sin

Bonus Cuts:

Of Tender Sin
(NY: Fawcett, 1952)
"There were too many questions. But all at once they merged and became a single question that had nothing to do with anyone but himself."

The Burglar
The Burglar(NY: Lion, 1953)
"The only merchandise he ever bought was the definite."

Shoot the Piano Player

Down There(Greenwich, Conn: Fawcett, 1956; London: Fawcett, 1958); Republished as SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER (NY: Grove Press, 1962)
"This ain't like thinking with the mind. The mind has nothing to do with it."

Somebody's Done For

Somebody's Done For
(NY: Banner, 1967)
"It was as though an invisible wire connected her to him, and somehow the receiver was also the sender."

"You're one of those people who keep on hoping even when they know there's hardly any hope, or no hope at all. You just don't know when you're done, do you?"