I'm going to freeze your face

Louis Boxer Selection

Retreat from Oblivion

(Dutton, 1939, Pages 152-153)

           While the lights flickered and blazed people were weeping, laughing, screaming and sighing, loving and hating.  In a hundred years these people would be gone and the lights would be gone.  But
there would be new lights and there would be new people.  The same story would go on.  It had been going on for hundreds of thousands of years.

            It was the story told of people in cities, on farms, in hills and in battlefields.  They were good, they were bad, they were good again, and before they knew it they had been or what they had
done.  They might have gone through a lifetime without telling a lie, or they might have existed for twenty-three years and then gone on a killing spree and murdered five women and been electrocuted.  It was all over, this show, and someone else was just beginning it some place

Everybody passed through it, kings and beggars, rats and elephants.  When it was all over there was the body still, with the eyes open or the eyes closed.  That didn't matter either.  The eyes did not see anything.  It was really all over and nothing could be done about it......

            There had always been a lot of talk about this Heaven and Hell business.  Well, the wise guys could laugh all they wanted to but it wasn't a bad idea.  The chances were that it was just that, a
lot of talk.  But it wasn't a bad idea.