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The Lost Works
of David Goodis

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Eighteen novels have been attributed to David Goodis. Are there Goodis works yet unpublished? A hint is offered by the tax returns on file at the Temple Archives. Copies of his IRS Form 1040s show the following deductions:

Broadway play "Stars for the Dark Cave." Projected taxpayer associate producer with Helen Thompson, producer. 1949 return..

"Hornet's Nest," $700 entertainment and research in Philadelphia, $300 travel and research in New Jersey. In 1980, Attorney Stuart E. Beck prepared a bibliography of Goodis' works for the Estate. He opined that "Hornet's Nest" may have been the original title of "Down There," also known as "Shoot the Piano Player." 1956 return.

"Caribbean Escapade." Could this novel be The Wounded and the Slain, which was set in Jamaica? 1956 return.

"Dark Symphony," $850, travel expenses through South to Mississippi and other southern states. 1957 return.

"North to Harlem," $900, trips to Georgia and northern Florida. 1958 return.

"Uptown," $650. 1958 return.

Travel expenses to New Orleans and southern states. 1959 return.

"The Raving Beauty." 1960 return.

"Uptown," $250, additional research. 1960 return.

"Pony Tail," $200, research for screenplay. 1960 return.

"The Pool Room," $575. Could this novel be based on
Superior Billiards? 1961 return.

"The Ignited," $225. 1961 return.

"The Twist," $300, a screenplay. 1961 return.

"The Raging Beauty," $375. 1961 return.

"The Pushover," $650. 1962 return.

"The Flaming City," $400. 1962 return.

"Fortesche," $450. 1962 return.

"Headlock," $940. 1964 return.

"The Raving Beauty," $875. 1964 return.

"The Surfers," $130. 1964 return.


Were the missing Goodis works were thrown out? Are they are stored in the musty files of a publisher, the attic of a relative or the forgotten archives of a lawyer? If they are ever found, they could be published as the Dead Sea Scrolls of David Goodis. Could an creative forger bring forth a return from oblivion? Strange things happen on the noir side of the internet.